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Star Mobile is a motorised, self-seeking satellite finder dish system that can work on any VSAT system.

Star Mobile is a motorised, self-seeking satellite finder dish system that can work on any VSAT system. Just unpack the system and it automatically aligns and points itself to the right satellite! You're in business!The Star Mobile supports dish sizes up to 1.2 metres and is capable of supporting the HPA and RF units typically used in VSAT and other Internet over Satellite systems such as Gilat, Hughes and ViaSat. The engineering has been carefully designed to provide many years of trouble-free use with minimal maintenance. The mechanics operate smoothly and quickly to provide absolutely positive identification of the client's preferred satellite. The system quickly aligns in the three axes - elevation, azimuth and skew - to provide solid lock with the signal strength and BER optimized for high signal integrity. Wafa is able to provide a level of flexible design and support that is second to none within the hardware manufacturing field. Special requirements are carefully considered and implemented wherever possible, giving a level of care that ensures that we fit the customers' needs; not the other way round! The system has been adopted by clients for mission critical applications because of its flexibility, system support and fast delivery of solutions to specific problems. The picture below show the unit installed for use by the European Space Agency (ESA). How does it work? Star Mobile Solution allows you to access the Internet at high-speed with your personal computer or laptop virtually anywhere your Vehicle, Motor Coach or Commercial Mobile platform is parked. The Wafa Star Mobile Solution system mounts easily on top of vehicles (RVs, SUVs, Vans or any other commercial vehicle) or transportable platform, and with a simple click the dish automatically deploys, locks on to the selected satellite and interfaces with the modem to enable service. Once locked on, you are automatically connected to the Internet at broadband speeds. No phone lines, no cellular hook ups - just instant broadband speed at your fingertips. Where does it work? With Star Mobile, you gain unprecedented coverage throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa Why choose Wafa Star Mobile Solution? Four words: Rapid, Robust, Reliable and Adaptable. Wafa Star Mobile Solution offers Satellite acquisition within a few minutes after you have parked your vehicle or platform. MAJOR FEATURES:Automatic lock and peak on satellite Fast deployment BER optimization Memory of last satellite located Global satellite database Simple 3 button control interface No PC or laptop required Solid construction Minimal maintenance Specification